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My heart exhausted.

My heart… exhaustedpumping fastyet never enthusiasticallypumping on obligation and responsibility. My heart skipsone beatfaster it pumpsto carry its slack feeling the exhaustion starved of quietnesssuffering beneath its own beats. In it’s hallowed out homeit pounds about the wallscrying out to the brain abovethat it’s time to destressto take a mental breakto take a moment its […]

My heart exhausted.
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Life is Always a Blessing

Creating and choosing to keep a life is always a great blessing.

Many of us are blessed enough to have kids. I know I am. Although there are those who opt out into bringing in another life into this world. Well, that’s their own prerogative. Choosing to bring in another human being into this world is such a beautiful thing just as it is when they are born.

Over the weekend, I celebrated with family and friends as we wait for another such blessing to come into our lives soon. A cousin of mine will be having a baby boy due on January 2022. Everyone is excited of course. Who wouldn’t be? It’s another baby to love.

The joy, excitement, and happiness this brings everyone is the beautiful part of it all. The other is coming together to guide him along the way.

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Our Halloween 2021

My Anime Student type of daughter on Halloween night 2021.

The past couple of Halloweens have not been our traditional kind. Usually, we’re celebrating with some friends and families or simply having our own personal celebration at home. Because of the pandemic, things have changed and it just doesn’t feel the same anymore.

This year, it also wasn’t as fun as I hoped it to be but I tried to make the most out of things for my Sofy’s sake. For a small celebration, I ordered Chinese food for our small family. She of course dressed up and wanted to go Trick or Treating. We were hesitant about it so I took her to do one of her alternatives – the playground. While relaxing there watching her play as I snap pictures of her too, I finally decided to give in and take her for a rather quick Trick or Treat – in our apartment building. Thank goodness she was happy and enjoyed the little I can do for her.

My baby is simple and happy with what she gets. For that, I am also thankful. It doesn’t take much to make her smile and happy.

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Trapped Inside The Pirates of Caribbean

Disneyland guests got trapped inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride Sunday night – literally.

Disneyland guests were definitely in for a trick Sunday nights as unsuspecting guests hopped on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. For an estimated sixty minutes, people were literally stuck inside the said ride when it broke down unexpectedly. What could have gone through the minds of these poor people while inside there on Halloween night?

I wouldn’t say things like this don’t ever happen in theme parks because we all know it does happen here and there. But for about an hour or so? Customers don’t pay well over a hundred dollars per person to get stuck inside a ride, do they? Disneyland Resort have consistently raised their admission prices especially after opening up after the pandemic shut downs. That amount of time isn’t acceptable to paying guests. The park, including the rides should have been kept and checked if it’s in proper and safe working conditions daily. As to why it suddenly broke down, I hope chances like that gets resolved and lessened.

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Free Book: Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel

Download your free eBook today.

Behold, my fellow bookworms and Disney fanatics with the Halloween spirit. Today, I found out that the digital copy of Disney Books’ Hocus Pocus and the All New Sequel is available for free! Those who have any Android or Apple devices or Amazon eReaders such as a Kindle may get their copies of the book from their device’s bookstore – Kindle, iBooks, Google Play Books, etc.

The popular Hocus Pocus is a popular Disney movie, especially loved by Halloween enthusiasts and those who are kids at heart and family-oriented. A two-part thrilling YA novel, the Hocus Pocus & the All-New Sequel was released on the original movie’s 25 year anniversary.

Fans alike can relive the story as they flip through the pages of the movie’s retelling and its sequel showcasing the next generation of Salem teams. Surely, I downloaded mine copy on my devices. Yes, devices. Knowingly, I will get hooked and to save myself from any battery related issues on one device, I can continue reading the book on another device.

What are you waiting for pals? Download yours today before you miss out on the treat. Happy Halloween!

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In a Blink of an Eye, He’s 1!

Logan and I celebrating his birthday in advance.

When I first found out my sister and I were pregnant around the same time, I was ecstatic. But that excitement didn’t last long. Devastatingly, mines was an ectopic one. Though it was heartbreaking, I had another reason to be happy. My nephew Logan.

Today’s his 1st birthday. My nephew means everything to me. Just as my daughter Sophia is my world. Having Logan is very special to me. Extra special, actually. I see him not only as my nephew, but also the child I could have had. Because of that, I have every reason to be happy and it also gives me that special bond with him as if he’s my own son.

A very Happy 1st Birthday to my Bubba. No words can express my love for you. You being born gives me another source of happiness. I vowed to love you and guide you before you were even born. I gained a nephew and son while Sophia became your Ate, a cousin and sister all together. Tita loves you to infinity and beyond 💖.